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Dear Dad:

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You need to get a fucking grip on your anger. Watching you shout at Ivy was being an outsider watching a replay of every frightening encounter that you and I had when I was a little girl. Are you kidding me? SHES A PUPPY!!!  When you scream, shake, and slap her, you don’t teach her anything, you just scare the piss outta the poor little thing for a few minutes. thats all. no lesson learned, just fear instilled. Also, dumbass, you can’t get mad at her for doing something that you were giving her a treat for doing only ten minutes earlier. That is going to confuse the fuck out of even the smartest pup. So seriously, I suggest you check yourself lest you wreck yourself. Get yourself some fucking patience, a book or DVD about dog training, and a fucking chill pill. I will see what I can do about getting you and her some training classes. You could both use them. If you could just do this for me, I think it would help me to get over some of the crap from the past. Besides you, the heart patient, have no business getting yourself all worked up. You don’t need the stress.

i love you, but i hate your anger.



About Bridget

One day, Johnny Cash said that he was "...gunna write a tear stained letter..." If it was good enough for The Man in Black, its good enough for me. I love the idea of a letter and, though I send and receive so few of them in my daily life, I still feel that they are a great way to communicate. Especially for someone who has nerves that can sometimes malfunction. A letter allows me to say everything that I need and want to say. I am in love with letters. That makes every letter that I pen a "love" letter. Even that nasty one that I wrote to my X-best friend in the seventh grade. <3

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