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Dear Eyes:

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Why are you so tired? I know these last few days have been hectic, but I thought I was getting ample rest for the both of us. What you did during Econ this afternoon was embarrassing. When I ask you to concentrate and stop nodding off, please listen! I just blinked and already you feel like you are made of fine grit sandpaper. Ben Stein cannot hock enough Vizine to solve this ocular crisis. The harder I try to stay awake the more aggressively you begin to shut down. I think I am going to put your lids on a diet. They are getting awfully heavy.

Ok, you win. Just this once, I am going to take a nap. Don’t get used to this, It isn’t a regular thing.


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About Bridget

One day, Johnny Cash said that he was "...gunna write a tear stained letter..." If it was good enough for The Man in Black, its good enough for me. I love the idea of a letter and, though I send and receive so few of them in my daily life, I still feel that they are a great way to communicate. Especially for someone who has nerves that can sometimes malfunction. A letter allows me to say everything that I need and want to say. I am in love with letters. That makes every letter that I pen a "love" letter. Even that nasty one that I wrote to my X-best friend in the seventh grade. <3

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