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To My Darling Manicure & Pedicure:

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There is nothing else in the whole wide world that makes me feel so pretty and girly as you. I treated myself to your splendor as a birthday present to me. I felt so luxurious casually paging through my most recent issue of BUST as grace worked her magic on my toes. I chose a color for my toes called “Smitten With Mittens” from the OPI Holiday Collection. It is a cheery red with vibrant shimmering red glitter throughout. I am “smitten” with this color and though it is November and getting cold, I would like to wear flip flops everywhere for the next three weeks to show it off. I literally cannot stop staring at my toes. For my fingernails, I chose a lovely autumnal color called “Brisbane Bronze” it should look really nice with my outfit for Thanksgiving tomorrow. I cannot think of a more perfect way to treat myself for taking one more trip around the sun.

– Lady B


About Bridget

One day, Johnny Cash said that he was "...gunna write a tear stained letter..." If it was good enough for The Man in Black, its good enough for me. I love the idea of a letter and, though I send and receive so few of them in my daily life, I still feel that they are a great way to communicate. Especially for someone who has nerves that can sometimes malfunction. A letter allows me to say everything that I need and want to say. I am in love with letters. That makes every letter that I pen a "love" letter. Even that nasty one that I wrote to my X-best friend in the seventh grade. <3

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