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people that I wish I was related to

Dear Fres:

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Thank you for being a friend. Dinner at Beans & Barley was really nice, I hope that you enjoyed it enough to visit again at some point. Its just a nice change of pace from the greasy Mexican. But cheaper than the mucho delicious-o Thai place. I love being able to talk to you. You are so much better at listening than most people I know. Your insights into the male psyche are invaluable and have been so helpful on more than one occasion with the daily dealings with the dastardly boy. I hope you don’t feel like you are betraying your species by sharing boy secrets with me.

thanks mister!



Dear Ben-

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Its a sad fucking day for our friendship when I have to hear that you are home from Iraq via Facebook. I am so happy to know that you are alive and well. As you know, I think about you frequently, and pray that God keeps you safe even more often. When I think about the current state of our friendship, it makes me sad. How is it that I didn’t do anything wrong, and yet I am the cheese standing alone, while you and Jason go frolicking off into the land of gumdrops and sugarplums? When I decided that it was no longer in my best interest to be friends with him, I was honest and sincere with you. I told you that I would never speak ill of him to you because I respected the fact that you and he were friends.¬†All I want you to know is that I never ever ever asked you to choose sides like he did. But if that is what it is going to come down to, I am not going to give up without a fight, you mean too much to me to just walk away. I hope I mean the same to you. I have never been anything but a friend to you. He cannot say the same.

I love you, Mister.


Dear Beth and Kelsi:(friday’s letter)

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Hey ladies! I wanted you to know that it meant so much to me that you thought to invite me to see the naked lady art at The Tool Shed. Honestly, it shocks me that you guys even think of me at all, I dunno that I would be as understanding as you are if one of my friends just decided to disappear off the face of the earth for over a year. It wasn’t anything you did. I think u know that. I wanted to hang out, I just got really down. I was really depressed for a very long time. Then when I started to feel better, it seemed like too much time had passed. So it went on and on… All I really want to say is thanks for not giving up.

*bee dazzle